This Service Level Agreement prescribes the minimum conduct and service levels to which Angulate Media subscribes in rendering services to our customers.

Angulate Media provides a 99.9% uptime per month guarantee, subject to the following conditions:

  • This guarantee applies to unscheduled downtime only;
  • Should unscheduled downtime (DT) occur, Angulate Media will credit the customer as follows: DT
    • DT < 45 minutes – no credit as this falls within the 99.9%;
    • DT between 45 minutes & 4 hours - 10% credit against the next month's invoice;
    • DT between 4 hours & 7 hours - 15% credit against the next month's invoice;
    • DT between 7 hours & 14 hours - 20% credit against the next month's invoice;
    • DT between 14 hours & 36 hours - 30% credit against the next month's invoice;
    • DT > 36 hours - 100% credit against the next month's invoice.
  • The above credits will not apply to scheduled downtime;
  • The customer will be notified of scheduled downtime at least 12 hours in advance;
  • The above credits will not apply where unscheduled downtime occurs beyond the control of Angulate Media, including but not limited to an act of God, force majeure, upstream outages, internet backbone outages and facilities power failure.
  • Angulate Media utilizes Monitoring Software to measure uptime and downtime. The customer agrees that Angulate Media's Monitoring Software will be used to measure the amount of downtime, should this occur. Where the customer disputes the Monitoring Software measurement, the customer will be required to provide proof of downtime in order to qualify for a credit.
  • To qualify for a credit, your account must be in good standing and not be in violation of our Terms of Use or Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Credits must be requested within 48 hours of downtime.
  • All credits will be passed to the customer's account with Angulate Media. No cash refunds will be given.
  • Angulate Media undertakes to respond to any queries and or service calls directed to Angulate Media, either by email or through our website, within 48 hours.